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Local Price Increase

Local Price Increase

This functionality gives you the option to increase price of all jobs in a certain location. You can define any number of map areas and define the percentage by which all prices will be inflated in each specific area.

To set up a local price increase, navigate to Couriers > Price Increase.

Here, you can create any number of map zones of any size and give them names you can later easily recognise.

To create a new zone, click the “Draw Polygon” button and click on the map to place your first point around the area boundary. Then, click elsewhere to create subsequent points. You can double-click to place the last point and finalise the area.

Don’t worry about being perfectly precise at this point, you can always fine-tune your map zones.

To edit an existing zone, right-click it and select EDIT POLYGON.

Then, you can drag your points to their correct locations, or create new points by dragging one of the shadow points in the middle between any two existing points, which will create a new point. You can create any number of points to fine-tune your zone.

In the next popup, specify the zone name and the percentage increase.