We answer your questions


We answer your questions



What do I get with Zoom Courier Software?

Our platform consists of the following main components:
1. Mobile APPs for your couriers / drivers with scanning, route optimisation, and much more.
2. Dispatch screen for admin overview and full control over all movement, live locations on a map, and many administrative tools.
3. Customer dashboard with various features, including invoicing, live tracking, booking, hostory, address book, etc.

How many drivers can I have?

There is no limit, you can have as many drivers as you want, as many customers, as many admins.

Do you support signatures?

Yes, customer signatures can be collected during both pickup and delivery and they are transfered to an immediate proof of delivery, which is then emailed to the customer and saved within the sytem for future reference. In addition to that, couriers can take photos as a proof of pickup or delivery.

Do you support scanning?

Yes, we provide the functionality to print waybill labels (can be printed by the clients or by drivers) and couriers can scan barcodes to look up jobs in the system, using our mobile APPs.

Do you support online payments?

Yes, we are integrated with Stripe, so we support online payment in countries where Stripe operates - see HERE for availability information.

How do I pay my couriers?

We supply a logic to calculate wages for couriers, based on a configurable commission. At the end of each wage period, you can generate wages, your couriers receive PDF reports via email, and you can pay them offline.

Do you support automatic dispatch?

Yes, we have an auto-dispatch logic integrated into the system, which is based on predefined routes / catchment areas. This way, jobs can be automatically assigned to available drivers in that area.

Do you support depots, warehouses and multi-leg journeys?

Yes, we support multi-leg journeys. You can pre-define a route through your depots for any specific destination area and all jobs to that area will be routed through the predefined sequence of depots.

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