Currently this is intentional as the job allocation is supposed to be done from the HQ/dispatchers office. However if there is enough demand for responsive management and dispatch on the go, a responsive dispatch screen will be developed.

There is no limit on the number of drivers, you can have any number of drivers with no extra charge.

 Yes, the dispatch screen is only designed to handle current jobs. To see finished jobs, including signatures etc, just go to JOBS – SEARCH JOBS

Scheduled jobs only become active on the dispatch screen when they become active, which is one hour before they are due. The future schedule is in your JOBS -> SCHEDULED JOBS section, where you can see a list of the scheduled jobs.

Currently yes. You need to create a Stripe account to get paid by credit cards. It takes just 10 minutes. Unfortunately if Stripe is not available in your country, we cannot satisfy payment options.

When you are creating a new courier, you can decide on a % commission for each individual courier. Then, on the jobs screen, you can export all jobs to Excel, which will also include driver details and courier commissions over time.

We are working to eventually build reporting into the system so you won’t need to work with Excel tables.

Two ways currently.

  1. Automatic – every new job in the system beeps on the phone of drivers who are currently within a specified radius around the pick up point. The first one who accepts the job via the driver app will get it.
  2. Manually – from the dispatch screen. In the office you will have a view of all jobs and all drivers and you can just drag-and-drop jobs to a specific driver and they’ll get a notification.

The “agreed fares” option allows you to specify a price between two specific points and connect that pricing rule to a specific customer (or apply to all).

You can specify what “city” means on the map, so for example, you can box off just a few blocks around your area to be the “city” and then charge less for deliveries done within that area.

We use Stripe, which is one of the leading payment providers globally. However Stripe is not active in all countries, so it is availability dependant for now.

Currently there is not as most of our courier companies do not want their couriers to be exposed this way.

Currently there is one login level with full administrative access.

A custom Zoom application costs $1500 to create, upload to the app store and update over time.

Zero references to Zoom, the branding will be completely custom built for your business.

In the same easy-to-use fashion as the booking pages.

While we can’t currently offer customisation in this area, more fields are being added in the future to suit individual customer needs.

Currently we’re using the pricing methods most common in the industry. Based on demand and development time we may be adding more options in future. Please let us know your preferred pricing method if ours does not suit you and we’ll attempt to facilitate.

This is intended as it is too complicated to be used on a mobile screen. If you select auto-dispatch, drivers can accept the jobs themselves without the need of a dispatcher.

There is no charge for the two months of your trial.
You can use the software as much as you like for free for two months.

Zoom is cloud-based software, so it is global and can be used easily from anywhere.
Currently, the interface is only in English, but we will be adding other languages – please ask us about yours.

Our software is designed to do three important things – simplify your business processes, automate your operations and ensures all end users – courier company staff, customers and couriers have a great user experience every time.

Yes, we are fully GDPR-compliant, communication is encrypted with SSL certificate, database is secured, encrypted, and located in the EU and we use certified partners for payments – Stripe and PayPal. Our software enables you to comply with GDPR regulations without the drama.

Our software is secure, reliable, backed by a company with experience since 2001.
As for courier companies, it is always good to think about future-proofing your operations.
Our software develops and revolves around your needs. We listen and adapt.
We get that change is scary but your customers want deliveries now, not later, so your software has to meet that need.
By meeting their needs with our software you will increase your revenue, lower your costs and can justify increasing your margin.

  • All operations seamlessly
  • Customer pricing
  • Dispatching
  • Billing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Business data
  • All operations to one cloud based platform
  • Customers to couriers
  • Couriers to delivery jobs
  • Dispatch to Couriers
  • Payments to your account
  • You to your business remotely
  • 2048 bit encryption
  • SSL certificate
  • GDPR compliance
  • Full suite of security protocols

Why trial Zoom?

No contract, no disruption and no manuals - its user friendly.

So much of your business now is immediate deliveries – you need software that meets that demand.

Fully automated so you can operate your business remotely and lower operational costs dramatically.

Zoom Courier software is Courier industry specific, we are laser focused on your requirements.

Full technical support-free Updates/iterations/hosting – software that never stops developing.

Software that pays for itself on the very first delivery by eliminating unnecessary costs through automation.

Our promise

We know a delivery is not just a parcel its a promise - to your customers. Our promise to you is that our software enables you to deliver more parcels, more efficiently with higher pricing and dramatically lowers costs. All this with rock solid support when your business needs it.
No deposit, no contract, no charge for updates and unlimited use!

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