About us

Our story

Our founder and previous CEO Frank Kelly managed over 2,500 taxi drivers for one of Europe’s largest taxi companies. He saw the amount of revenue that was lost by courier companies due to the fact that taxi companies were completing delivery jobs like couriers as they provided an on-demand service. more...

We sat down and spoke to a lot of courier companies and found out that none of their business was automated. Everything was manual; courier payments, customer invoicing, pricing and dispatching. This was time consuming, very costly and inefficient. We met with Courier company customers who were using taxis like couriers. They wanted an on-demand service with a taxi app feel and Couriers informed us they wanted a fair and efficient dispatching system. Zoom was born out of a clear need to develop software that met the needs of all these keystakeholders.


Why we founded Zoom

To simplify and automate the business operations of courier companies and ensure all end users -Courier company staff, customers and couriers have a great user experience every-time. Zoom courier software enables any sized Courier Company to compete with the giant app and logistic companies.

Zoom's unfair advantage

Why wait until something is broken to react? our UX engineers map out user experience and spot the issues before your customers get the software, make sense?

See a gap in the market? We will have wireframes to show you in days and push down the update within days/weeks depending on requirements.

No greedy shareholders! At Zoom we aren’t interested in taking over the world instead we on-board customers one at a time successfully, when you do better so do we.

  • All operations seamlessly
  • Customer pricing
  • Dispatching
  • Billing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Business data
  • All operations to one cloud based platform
  • Customers to couriers
  • Couriers to delivery jobs
  • Dispatch to Couriers
  • Payments to your account
  • You to your business remotely
  • 2048 bit encryption
  • SSL certificate
  • GDPR compliance
  • Full suite of security protocols

Why trial Zoom?

No contract, no disruption and no manuals - its user friendly.

So much of your business now is immediate deliveries – you need software that meets that demand.

Fully automated so you can operate your business remotely and lower operational costs dramatically.

Zoom Courier software is Courier industry specific, we are laser focused on your requirements.

Full technical support-free Updates/iterations/hosting – software that never stops developing.

Software that pays for itself on the very first delivery by eliminating unnecessary costs through automation.

Our promise

We know a delivery is not just a parcel its a promise - to your customers. Our promise to you is that our software enables you to deliver more parcels, more efficiently with higher pricing and dramatically lowers costs. All this with rock solid support when your business needs it.