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This section describes how you can price your jobs for your clients. Zoom Courier Software automatically calculates the correct pricing for each job and displays the resulting price while jobs are being booked.

We support the following pricing types, which you can use in combination. For each job being created in your account, Zoom Courier Software will work through the pricing types in the following order:

  1. Custom Pricing / Agreed Fares
    If you’ve agreed on a specific price with a specific customer to apply for jobs coming from a specific postal address with delivery on a specific postal address, then this pricing will take precedence over any other pricing types.

    If no agreed pricing is found for the job being created, then the system will follow on to the next pricing method:
  2. Zone-based Pricing / Pricing Matrix
    If the job being created falls under any of your existing zones with a price specified for the corresponding service type, then this price will be used.

    If no corresponding zone-based (Pricing Matrix) rule was found for the job, then the pricing will default to the next pricing method:
  3. Distance-based Pricing / KM (Mile) based
    With distance-based pricing, you can specify how much you want to charge per km (or per mile). This pricing method also supports a minimum charge for each job.

For further details on any of the pricing methods, please continue to the corresponding area of this online user manual.