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Courier List

Courier List

The list of couriers gives you visibility over all currently active couriers, their jobs, their optimised route, and their existing location.

If you click a courier card on the list, it will expand and reveal the jobs that are assigned to the selected courier.

Each job on the driver’s card has an action drop-down menu with available job actions, similar to the action menu on the job card on the left side of the Dispatch Screen.

At the bottom of the drivers’ cards, you can find a row of icons. Here is what they mean:

opens a direct chat to the courier

filters the job list to only show all jobs of this driver

allows the admin to take over manual control over the route optimisation / order of stops

shows the entire route through all jobs on the map

shows a popup with a job lookup for the chosen courier

exports basic details of currently assigned jobs to a CSV file