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Invoicing and Online Payments

Invoicing and Online Payments

Zoom Courier Software brings you a full invoicing system, which will invoice your customers in your name for jobs placed via the platform.

1. Invoicing Personal Customers

Personal customers will be invoiced separately for each individual job they book with you. Personal customers can be required to pay you online either as soon as they book a job, or as soon as a job gets marked as delivered.

2. Invoicing Corporate Customers

Corporate (company) customers are not invoiced for every single job separately. Instead, you can invoice them periodically – weekly, monthly, or based on a threshold of money owed.

This process is fully automatic and in the case of monthly billing, the system will automatically create proforma invoices at the start of the billing period (usually a month). At the end of the billing period, old invoices are closed and new proforma invoices are created for the new period. Closed invoices are held for your review so you can process any necessary manual adjustments. Once you are happy with the invoices, you can go to the Invoices section and press the red button saying “Close Review Invoices, Sent to Customers”. This will issue all invoices that are held in the “review” status, the system emails them over to companies, and if online payments are enabled, it will charge available payment cards and deposits the funds in your Stripe account. We do NOT charge any commission on online payments.