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Delivery Sectors for Automatic Route Dispatch

Delivery Sectors for Automatic Route Dispatch

This is an optional feature which helps to funnel couriers geographically into a specific direction (North, South, East or West) from their first accepted job.

This feature is mostly suited for high-volume, busy workflows, where there are plenty of jobs available at any given time and you need to restrict and optimise the way couriers are shown jobs in a specific direction on the map.


A courier accepts a job on a certain point on the map.
Depending on your settings (limits of number of accepted jobs per courier), the same courier can subsequently accept a number of other jobs in the vicinity.

If the functionality of “Courier Sectors” is enabled, then as soon as a courier accepts their first job (after having no pending jobs one their list), the application will limit the visibility of any other new jobs to within a 45-degree sector in relation to the pickup point of their first accepted job.

Take a look at the map below.
In this example, the pickup point of the first job is in the middle of the screen, and north – south – east – west sectors are established from the pickup location of the first job.

The courier will only have visibility of jobs that have their drop-off location in the same sector as the first job (in this case, on the map below, it is NORTH). You can see that other jobs have drop off locations all over the map, but in this example, only the green ones will be visible to the courier, to keep the courier within the sector. As a result, the jobs marked in red on the map below will not be visible to the courier within the map.

These sectors will stay in place until all jobs assigned to the courier are delivered or cancelled. When that happens, the sectors are automatically removed and they will be set up again based on the pickup point of the next assigned job.