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Multi Drop Jobs

Multi Drop Jobs

If your clients have multiple packages to be delivered, they no longer need to enter each package separately into the system. Instead, they can specify one pickup address and multiple delivery addresses for a single job. This way, they will receive a much more optimised and cost-effective service from you. This feature will also get handy when delivering contracts for the signature of multiple parties and then back to the sender.

Also, for multi-drop deliveries, you don’t pay anything extra to Zoom – we count it as a single job!

Our system supports multi-drop jobs, where your customers can specify a single pick-up point and any number of drop-off points.

This provides your customers with extra cost-efficiency since where separate jobs would charge them for all delivery separately like this:

A to B + A to C + A to D

In the case of a multi-drop job, the charge would be for:

A to B to C to D

Also, you can charge an extra set fee per stop – go to your Settings and look for a field called “Extra charge for multidrop drops”. If you want to specify different per-stop charges for multidrop jobs for each service type separately, you can find this under Configuration> Distance Based Pricing.

NOTE: Multi-drop jobs always default to distance-based pricing to provide pricing benefits to the customers. Any other pricing types are skipped for multi-drop jobs.

Reach out to us to activate this function: hello@zoomcouriersoftware.com