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Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

The Cash on Delivery sub-system can be turned ON on request – please get in touch if you need this functionality and we will turn it ON for you for no extra charge.

This sub-system allows your customers (senders of goods) to request cash to be collected for their dispatched goods and then returned to them, minus the delivery cost. Your customers can send multiple jobs this way and our system will keep track of all the cash coming from the recipients, being collected by the drivers, being handed over in your office, all the way to the payment back to the customer.

1. Creation of a CoD Job

A “Cash on Delivery” job will have an extra field to fill out the amount of cash to be collected by the recipient as part of the booking form.

2. Courier During Delivery

Couriers will see the cash to be collected during the delivery step.

When the package is marked as delivered, the mobile APPs prompt the couriers to collect cash at the point of delivery and to type in the amount collected. Our system fully supports situations where not all of the cash has been collected and it automatically keeps track of any missing cash.

At all times, couriers can see their existing cash balance:

3. Collecting Cash from Couriers

At the end of the day, or at your predefined intervals, you can collect cash from your couriers. Our system will tell you how much cash is pending to be collected for each courier.

To display pending cash to be collected, go to your admin dashboard and navigate to Couriers > Courier Collected Cash.

On this page, you can select a date range for which you want to display pending cash. In the results table below, you can tick cash collections that you want to collect now and you click the button:

At this point cash collection has been completed and we can look at cash return back to your customers.

Please note that the amount that is being discounted from the cash to be returned (in other words, the cost of deliveries that you keep) will only come from CLOSED and UNPAID invoices with payable amounts. As a result, in certain situations, the cost of the job for which cash was collected, may not be present in the current cash return run. This applies to the following situations:

  • The cost of the job is on a proforma invoice for the current month – an invoice which hasn’t been issued, hence the job cost isn’t yet payable yet.
  • The cost od the job is on an invoice for the previous month, which hasn’t been issued yet and is held back for review, hence the job cost isn’t payable yet.

4. Customer Visibility

At any time, your customers (senders of goods) can log in to their customer interface and see a full history of all their jobs including all pending and past cash collections.

5. Cash Return to Customers

All the cash you have collected belongs to your customers (senders of goods), but you will usually keep the delivery charge and return the cash MINUS the delivery cost.

You can process cash returns at intervals of your choice. This process will detail all cash-related transactions, it will discount the delivery cost from the cash-to-be-returned and it will provide the customer with a full breakdown via email in PDF format.

To process cash returns, navigate to Couriers > Cash Return > Cash Return.

On this page, you will see all pending cash returns per-customer.

You can expand the list by clicking on the triangle icon on the left of each line to see all cash collections and all relevant job details.

To process cash returns, tick the relevant lines and click the button:

At this point, you need to make sure that the cash is retuned to the customers correctly. Customers were emailed a cash return report – example below.

Past cash return reports can always be accessed via your admin panel under Couriers > Cash Return > PDF reports. From here, you can also re-send the reports to the customers.

This concludes the Cash on Delivery process.