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ETA reporting


Our system calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival for your customers. Each job has a tracking link that you can embed into your email and SMS templates. When a job is placed, a confirmation email is sent to your customer and part of that confirmation email can be a link to the tracking page. On the tracking page, we include ETA time.

How is the ETA time calculated

  1. Once a driver accepts a job, the system will optimize the route based on all jobs currently assigned to the driver, and based on that, the customer’s job will be added to the driver’s route.
  2. Based on route optimization, ETA is calculated, taking into consideration all jobs of that driver, and current traffic on the road (via Google Maps API).
  3. For each stop of the driver (pickup OR delivery points), a predefined per-stop time is added to the estimation (by default, it is 3 minutes for each stop, but this can be configured in the driver APPs).
  4. The resulting ETA estimation is then displayed on the tracking page.