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What is Zoom

Zoom Courier Software is a cloud software platform for small and medium courier companies, focused on last-mile local delivery.

It provides:

  • Online booking facility
  • Consumer mobile APPs
  • Courier mobile APPs
  • Powerful dispatch screen
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Automatic emailing system
  • Reporting tools
  • integration with your accounting software

Functionality - the Basics

With the Zoom platform, here is what you will get:

  1. Online booking system, which supports direct credit card payments or monthly invoicing (without payments) - you just need a Stripe account to be able to receive money.
  2. Optionally, we also provide fully branded mobile APPs to your clients. (iOS and Android)
  3. You can add any number of couriers / drivers to the system and they can log in to driver APPs to receive job / collect signatures. There is no extra charge for new drivers.
  4. Any jobs placed via the booking engine get distributed to the nearest drivers automatically, the quickest one can accept the job, go through the delivery, collect the signature, etc.
  5. The system takes payments (credit card via Stripe) and emails proofs of delivery to your customers.
    Money goes straight to your bank account (minus 10% commission on card payments for us, and 10 cents for every account job - this is the only thing you will pay to us, everything else is free).
  6. You get access to your own administration / dispatch dashboard - this is being significantly improved at the moment.
  7. You can easily crowd-source / onboard new drivers and couriers


  • There is no upfront payment for using the platform, we can simply sign you up and you will get 2 months free of charge to test the platform properly.
  • After two months, you only pay per job, it is 10 cents € per invoice delivery or 10% for a credit card job.
  • If you need branded mobile APPs for your “clients”, they are €1,680 per platform (iOS, Android). Alternatively, they can use the web interface, which is free of charge.
  • Courier / driver mobile APPs are free for your couriers, there is no limit on the number of them.

What next?

If you think our platform can work for you, please contact us at hello@zoomcouriersoftware.com to request a live 2-month trial.

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