Basic Setup

In order to be able to receive jobs on the Zoom system, please go through the following checklist.

  • Normally, your admin URL will be:
  • Please contact our support to gain access to your company admin panel -

Courier dispatch screen login

  • In your admin panel, go to “Courier Types” and tick a box next to all courier types you have available.
  • Text boxes next to courier types allow you to insert text for your customers as short instructions about what parcel type each courier type can handle, for example, “small box”, or “up to A4 envelope”. There is a strict limit of 20 characters in place.

Selection of courier types

  • In order to get paid by credit cards, you need to connect to your Stripe account.
  • In your admin panel, go to “Courier Types” and click the “connect to Stripe account” button at the top.
  • If you don't have a Stripe account, please follow the on-screen instructions and sign up with Stripe. This will allow you to get paid by your customers directly to your bank account via your IBAN number.
  • If you do have a Stripe account already, simply log in and authorise the connection with Zoom.

Connect courier account with Stripe

  • The default pricing method of Zoom is distance-based pricing. Unless specified differently, all your customers will be priced for the distance between their chosen PICKUP point and their DROP-OFF point.
  • To set up a pricing scheme, go to “Pricing” in your admin dashboard.

Please pay attention to the process of creation of your pricing scheme as this is what will generate your revenue and also lure or repel customers.

VAT setting

  • Please insert the % of VAT that you want to charge your customers.

Cancellation fee

  • Please insert the amount that you will charge your customers if they decide to cancel the job BEFORE it has been collected.


  • There are two levels of priority that you can offer to your customers, each with different pricing rules below them.
  • You can rename the priorities here so your customers understand them (for example, “express” and “24 hours”).

Distance-based pricing

  • Each line in the pricing table represents a courier type which you have enabled (go to “Courier Types” to enable / disable).
  • Each combination of courier type and a job priority has following 4 fields:

1 - Inside city € / KM

  • This is where you specify a price per 1 km (or a mile, based on your location), for the specific courier type and priority, for WITHIN CITY.

2 - Outside city € / KM

  • This allows you to specify a different km-pricing for outside of city. If you don't wish to make a pricing difference between outside and inside city deliveries, simply insert the same value here as “Inside city”.

3 - Minimum charge

  • This is the minimum charge that you want the customer to pay. During a delivery booking by a customer, if their calculated price falls below this value, the minimum charge will be used.

4 - Valid KM

  • This is how far the minimum charge is valid for. For example, if your minimum charge is €10 and valid KM is set to 10km, then all deliveries (of this courier type) shorter than 10km will be charged at €10. For any deliveries over 10km, the normal (inside / outside city) rates will be used.

Distance-based pricing example

Have a look at the highlighted line on the screenshot below, which illustrates a typical pricing example for Small Van (courier type) and Same Day (priority).

Courier pricing example

In the case of the screenshot:

1 - if a job is fully contained within the city, the pricing will be as follows:

  • For any jobs under 20 miles of driving distance, the charge will be £5
  • For any jobs over 20 miles, £1.25 per mile applies. 30 miles = 30mi x £1.25 = £37.50

2 - if a job reaches outside of the city border, the pricing will be as follows:

  • For any jobs under 20 miles of driving distance, the charge will be £5 - no change here
  • For any jobs over 20 miles, £3 per mile applies. 30 miles = 30mi x £3 = £90.00

Whether you want to utilise the inside / outside city pricing functionality, you need to create a map polygon, marking the boundaries of your city.

If you don't want to use different prices for outside of the city, your map polygon can be random, but if you are going to use this feature, you will need to pay attention to where you draw the line.

Optionally, you can limit your deliveries to only within the city.

You can do this under Configuration > Site configuration.
Switch “Collecting Only Within City” to ON and click Save.
If you do this, your customers will not be able to place jobs that reach outside of the city borders.

How to set your city borders

1 - In the admin, click your name in the top-right corner and select “Public profile”

2 - On the right side, you will see a map, most likely with a roughly outlined polygon of your city.

3 - If you do NOT wish to use different prices for INSIDE and OUTSIDE of city, you can stop here, no action needed.

4 - If you do want to revise the polygon, you can click REMOVE, which will get rid of the current polygon and allows you to draw a new one. See screenshot below.

Remove city map polygon

5 - Now, you can start drawing your own map polygon, which will cover what you want to be considered “inside city”. The best way to start this process is clicking the maximise button to display the map in full screen.

6 - Now, start clicking around the city border to define the area of your city. With each click, you place a new outline point, which can then be moved to its place.
Map polygon progress

7 - Once you are happy with the polygon, you can click the maximise button again to get out of the fullscreen mode and click the SAVE button.

8 - Congratulations, you have set your city borders.

London map polygon

In order to be able to serve your customers, you need to add your couriers (drivers) into the system so they can download their mobile APPs and start using the system.

Go to Couriers > Create a Courier and fill out all the details.

You can upload photos or scans of any documentation that you need to have on the file.
The email address is important here as your new courier will be emailed a link to create a password and download the driver mobile APPs.

One downloaded and logged in, couriers can switch their availability ON or OFF as needed and they will be able to accept jobs in their vicinity (by default, 15 km or 15 miles around their current location).


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