Custom pricing / Agreed Fares

You asked; we listened.

We are constantly trying to solve problems for our clients who want to move things for their clients.

Many courier companies use set pricing to give their clients better value or more predictable budgeting powers.
With that in mind, we have created a functionality which allows courier companies to set fixed rates for fixed routes for specific clients.
This is now part of Zoom and one of many upcoming exciting features.

With this feature, you can say:


Here is how to use it

Step 1

Log in to your admin and click into
Agreed Fares > Map Areas
Step 2

Draw your two map areas that you'd like to specify a fare between.
Step 3

Click into
Agreed Fares > Fares
and create a new pricing tier.
Step 4

Key in your special price
Step 5

Assign your new price tier to Dorothy's customer account.

Next time Dorothy logs in and places a job between the two map areas, she will be priced as per the agreed fare.

Available in your dispatch dashboard.

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